I work in "VIE DE FRANCE" that is bakery chain. The concept is "momentary French style in everyday". The shop was imaged to cafe of France. I work in the shop that is the station at a block of office buildings. Because of that, my shop is congested in morning and lunch-time. I usually work there in morning and often lunch-time. It likes a battlefield! This job is hard but I enjoy my job. A number 1 hot item is "Angel soft". There is cream cheese in soft bread with apple. It's fresh-baked is very soft and hot. It is very delicious. I didn't eat bread of my shop but recently I eat bread of my shop. I can have attachment for breads more.


Android au

This autumn, a new smart phone will be offer for sale by au that is a company of cellphone. The smart phone is named "Android au". "Android" is name of OS for smart phone produced by Google. A lot of company of cellphone adopt it because it's method is open and free. Former smart phone can't use Oneseg that is Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting for cellphone and communication by infrared rays and so on. But "Android au" can use them. It is a smart phone like a cellphone. Smart phone can indicate a web site for PC that can't indicate by cellphone. You can use a lot of web site more conveniently.


What did you eat yesterday?

I will introduce "What did you eat yesterday?" that is comic was written by Fumi Yoshinaga. She wrote a comic on the theme of cooking. A main character of this, likes to cook. He is a homosexual and live with his partner. His job is a lawyer and his pertner's job is a cosmetician. This comic write about everyday life of them especially their meal. Their meal is made by a main character who is obsessive about a dish and ingredients. The recipe is detailed and tasty-looking.


Harumi Kurihara is a student of cooking of Japan. She is one of those I respect. Her son is a student of cooking too. Her daughter writing as "A concierge of housing". The recipe book is written by her became a million seller. I have some her books and I like to read them. I like sweets that is produced by her. She is a student of cooking who is top level of Japan.



KAT-TUN, group of pop stars release their new single today. The title is "CHANGE UR WORLD". This track is a theme song of "Going! Sports & News". Kazuya Kamenashi, a member of KAT-TUN, takes part in this program. This track is the thirteenth single of them. They include a message that they are pioneer of the music world. This track is unique and isn't overwhelmed by the vogue.


Volleyball World Championship

Japan team got a bronze medal of v0lleyball world championship 2010 in November 14. Japan get a medal after thirty two years. They forward to the final game, but they lose to Brazil. They did battle with USA over the bronze medal. USA got a silver medal at Olympic of Pekin 2008. The match was carried over full sets and Japan won after being behind. The final point, Saori Kimura's attack became a blocked ball that goes aut of bounds. Former Japan team was called "witch of the Orient". They won Olympics and world championship many times. Japan team carry out their revival.


Yukiko Ebata

She is new player of a Japanese representative. She was 20 years old when she was choiced to Japan team. She reached her 21th birthday when September 7, Japan team did battle with Turkey. She was energetic in this match. She got a 24 points in the game by stirring backattack, skillful spike. She showed her grouwth by herself. Today's match, versus South Korea, she had very good condition. She is a promising newcomer.



Megumi Kurihara is pro volleyball player of Japan. She was called "Princess Megu" when she was choiced in a Japanese representative of Olympic 2004. She is called "Absolute ace of Japan" now. Her position is Wing Spiker that is a main point of an attack in volleyball. Her attack has a big power, especially back attack. The scene that she jumps from back and hit the ball is very dynamic. Her performance is stabilized and I can see with a sense of relief. She had a lot of wound and she was afflicted with them, but she got over them and take a lively part in Japan team.


Volleyball World Championship

"FIVB Volleyball World Championship" is being held at Tokyo and Nagoya. I like volleyball very much. I was attached to girls volleyball club when I was a junior high school student. My motive to belong it is "FIVB Volleyball World Championship". I want to introduce Yoshie Takeshita who is a player of Japan. She is called "World's smallest and strongest setter" in the world. She was the captain of the Japanese volleyball team during the 2006 World Championship and took the most valuable player aword. Her nickname is "Ten", but won't say the reason. Her play doesn't allow them to feel it she is small as a pro volleyball player. She is wonderful volleyball player.



I will became twenty yearts of age next year. My club, Japanese archery, takes part in "SEIJIN-SYAKAI" every year. "SEIJIN-SYAKAI" is an event of a grown-up parsons. They draw a bow with long-sleeved kimono at Sanjusangen-do in Kyoto. This event is very showy and make a good souvenir. I became a clerk to decide on Kimono everyone. I have to coordinate their Kimono with a staff member of a rental firm of Kimono. This work is little plain and very troublesome but important work. I think that I will be busy in the future.


I went to SHIMO-KITAZAWA today. Because I wanted to take the air. I lived in HIGASHI-KITAZAWA when I was an elementary school student. HIGASHI-KITAZAWA is next station of SHIMO-KITAZAWA. I often went to SHIMO-KITAZAWA with my family. I walked to HIGASHI-KITAZAWA from SHIMO-KITAZAWA today. This route was the usual way home. It was so nostalgic for me. This walk become a good refreshment to me.



Otsuichi is pen name of Adachi Hirotaka. He is an author, mostly of horror short stories. There are two patterns in his literary style, cruelty and heartbreaking. He got the JUMP Novel Grand Prix by Shueisya when he was seventeen and he debut at the same time. "Summer and Fireworks and My dead body" is his first work. His two literary style is called "White Otsuichi" and "Black Otsuichi" among his fans. "Goth" is the most important work of "Black Otsuichi" and "Calling you" is the most important work of "White Otsuichi". "Black Otsuichi"'s work is very cruel and ghastly but "White Otsuichi"'s work is very delicate and heartbreaking. I think he is versatile because he can distinguish black and white in writing.



AKB48 is a pop star group that is produced by Yasushi Akimoto. They have a private theater in Akihabara. I don't like them and "Otaku" but I should dance their music. Because I'm going to training camp of autumn tomorrow. A seniors will retire from our club at autumn camp. We should perform for them according to custom. I and six friends decided to dance AKB48. It is little difficult but I want to dance with love and thanks.


Recuerdos de la Alhambra

I belong to the handbell team. The team conducts the Christmas concert in December. We'll perform with a guitarist who is a friend of one teammate. A piece of music is "Recuerdos de la Alhambra". This music is a classical guiter piece composed in 1896 by Spanish composer and guiterist Francisco Tarrega. Alhambra is a palace that exists in Granada in southern Spain. Alhambra is a representative tourist resort of Spain but it is palace of Islam. "Recuerdos de la Alhambra" is beautiful music brimming with exoticism.



I go to osteopathy regularly because I have a headache caused by stiff shoulders and backache and so on. My stiff neck is very awful from the infant stage. I tried to cure that in myself but it didn't get well. I began to commute to manual therapeutics in June this year. According to an osteopath, my bad condition caused by contortion of my pelvis. My pelvis is higher at the right and it influence on all bad condition. He cure this contortion and my condition became good. I am looking forward to about go to osteopathy once a month.



I went to see the movie yesterday. I saw "BECK". The original of this movie is a cartoon. "BECK" is movie of music. "BECK" is name of a band. I don't have a good knowledge of music, but I could enjoy this movie. I like OSAMU MUKAI who is an actor act on this movie. His part is bassist of BECK, Taira, and he is skillful bassist. OSAMU MUKAI didn't play a bass guiter but he trained a bass gor this movie. He's very cool. "BECK" became my favorite movie.


I will go to a wedding reception on next Sunday because members of my handbell team will wed. They are member of ALPHA that is team of handbell belong to Handbell Ringers of Japan. Because of this, we will play handbells at their wedding reception. The track is special for reception. It was a request from them. The first truck is "The walts of MIRUMO" that is an animated song. The second truck is "At Zanarkand" that is background music of game "FINAL FANTASY". I will not join this performance, but I enjoyed practice because they are unusual songs for handbell and they are beautiful. I thought that feelings of the member who celebrated companion's new departure were wonderful.



Hyaku-Syakai was done on the fourth day of the training camp. Hyaku-Syakai is a regular event of the training camp, we draw a bow 100 times on the day and we record hitting the target or not. We started it at four o'clock because it takes long time for all members to achieve it. We have four arrows respectively and line up in group of 4 or 5 in front of the target. We shoot one arrows by turns. Other members cheer to the member who draw a bow. It is very painful to draw a bow 100 times but all members achieve this because of cheering by a group. I had hurt my shoulder the day before and it afflicted me but I was able to achieve it too.


I went to a training camp of club from September 16th till yesterday. I join to Japanese archery club. HOTEL RECENT is the location of a training camp of my club because this hotel has a Japanese archery hall at a first floor. We can change clothes to a hakama in our room and we can practice a whole day. HOTEL RECENT is located in the Togari hot springs. That place is said that a place well known for ski. A bathtub of there is big and comfortable. I was surprised because there was a hall there. It was very far, and took five hours to go there by bus but there is a done meaning there. There is the best environment for practice. I think that I was able to do a significant practice there.


CAT CAFE "299"

I went to Ikebukuro yesterday to go to Cat Cafe "299". "299" is famous Cat Cafe in Ikebukuro. Ikebukuro is famous place about Cat Cafe. There is two Cat Cafe in near. "299"'s mean is "a pad of cat". A pad is "Nikukyu" in Japanese. "Cat Cafe 299" is more large than other Cat Cafe. There are a lot of comfortable sofa. "299" is a rest area with cats. There are a lot of books - comics, magazine - and there are some games - a puzzle, Reversi, and so on - to enjoy rest time. Cats is calmly because they are not kitten. If you go to Ikebukuro and if you be tired, you would go to "299"?



I went to SUMMER LAND yesterday. SUMMER LAND is an amusement park of pool and rides. There is a lot of kind of pool. For example a flowing pool, a waving pool, a hot water pool and so on. There is three water slider. One of that "Tower's Rock" is new open water slider. It has two course and we slide with a double flotation ring. It is very exciting and very popular. It made a long line. I could make a nice memory in there.



SMAP who was famous idol group in Japan began the concert tour after an interval of two years. They put the single and the album on the market in advance of it. A lot of famous person of music joined this new album and it is generated publicity. For example Noriyuki Makihara who made "Only one flower in the world" that is the most important work of SMAP and it become a million seller. The new single "This is love" was made by LOVE PSYCHEDELICO who is famous artist. It is music of new type of current SMAP that not is. I will go to their concert in September. I enjoy this.


I went to TOSHIMAEN the other day. TOSHIMAEN is an amusement park in Nerima-ku Tokyo. There is pool in TOSHIMAEN and that is opened in summer. TOSHIMAEN's pool is popular because it is accessible and it has a lot of kind of pool. For example a flowing pool, a waving pool, and a big water slide. TOSHIMAEN's water slide is big and a lot of course. We can choice we slide with inner tube of we slide by myself. I like sliding with two-person inner tube. I went to TOSHIMAEN first. I could enjoy very much. It became best memory of this summer.



Do you know "KAT-TUN" that is group of pop stars? They belong to Johnny's office that is a star office only men. That group was formed 2001. Their name resulted from member's name- Kazuya Kamenashi, Jin Akanishi, Junnosuke Taguchi, Koki Tanaka, Tatsuya Ueda, Yuichi Nakamaru- but 2010, Jin Akanishi seceded from KAT-TUN because of difference of a way of thinking. Jin Akanishi don't resign a star. He works based in USA. KAT-TUN became group of 5 person but their funs didn't leave from them. KAT-TUN had a lot of problem and they cause uneasiness for funs but their funs love them. Their performance is very cool. For example their music has a rap and human beat box. This is very enjoyable to listen. Their dance has a acrobatics. This is very enjoyable to see their performance. They are noticeable group.



The fierce heat days continue in Tokyo. It is summer vacation of the people now but I should study for the exam. KAKIGORI is the special feature of each season of summer in Japan. It is a Japanese dessertmade from shaved ice flavored with syrup. The syrup has a lot of kind. For example strawberry, green tea, melon and so on. It was salled everywhere especially seaside clubhouse. It is very popular also among the child and the adult. I want to eat this sometimes very much when it is very hot. I can feel summer when I eat that. A lot of KAKIGORI machine is salled now. We can make KAKIGORI in myself at our house and we can enjoy various flavor that we like. KAKIGORI is a must-have item in the summer.



There are two methods to judge about student's school record. One is an examination and one is a research paper. I handed in my research paper a moment ago. Two research paper was imposed me. One is Pedagogy outline and one is Basic exercise. Pedagogy outline is class about pedagogy. The research paper's topic is "How should I study pedagogy in the future based on this class". That is very unclear topic and I was troubled to write this research paper. Basic exercise is discussion class about topics of holistic pedagogy. The research paper's topic is "EQ". That is my announcement topic. "EQ" is Emotional Quotient that is skill of emotional control. It influences to sociality of people.
I already handed to these and I feel easy about a research paper but I should study for examination.



I bought "POWER BALANCE" a few days ago. "POWER BALANCE" is a wristband that has efficacy of balance. If you put on this wristband you could keep a good balance when you stand on one leg and so on. But I don't feel that efficacy yet. This wristband is popular between talents. For example Keisuke Honda who is a soccer player in the Japanese team for world cup, Jin Akanishi who is a talent of Johnny's office. It was maked by silicon. I can put on it with a light heart. I like to put on wristband because I feel stability when I put on wristband.



The third Monday in July was Marine Day that is a national holiday. That's meaning is to express for a favor from sea and we wish prosperity of Japan that is a marine country. Japan is rare country about we set Marine Day as a national holiday in the world. A lot of people went to sea that day but we had normal class. I couldn't be persuaded because this day had fine weather and very hot. I would go to sea.



An umbrella is necessaries of the long spell of rainy weather in early summer. I'm particular about my umbrella because I don't like rain but I want enjoy this season even a little. I bought a new umbrella in Ca et la that is shop of rainy goods at Shibuya. Ca et la treat a uncommon umbrellas that has uncommon handle. A strong point of that, that is easy to hang on shelf or desk or handle of door. This is uncommon shape. It is umbrella make by vinyl but it is not normal umbrella by vinyl because it is stylisheness. It is one of my favorite goods.



Kinjo Gakuin University Handbell Choir is the acknowledged master of handbell in university handbell choir. There is a lot of choir in the world but Kinjo Gakuin is one of best choir. Their performance is energetic, passionate and speedy. I was felt impression when I saw them first in video. If you don't know handbell well, but you can feel impression by to see their performance. I aim at them.



My mother bought watch to me yesterday because I want to a new watch. My old watch is difficult to see time. I saw this watch in magazine. This watch series can change band. If you buy one watch, you can get three bands and you can choice band's color. I choiced black, white and blue. My watch's face is black because I like black. I can choice band's color everyday depend on my feeling and fashion.



I went to "Sweets Paradise" that is an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant of sweets and light meal. I sometimes go there because I like eating and sweets but I can't eat too much sweets because I don't like fresh cream. If I eat too much fresh cream, I would have stomachache. I eat a light meal mainly when I go to there. "Sweets Paradise" is popular among young people but old people know this too. You can enjoy a chocolate fondue there. The restaurant has a chocolate fountain. I like going there but I became dislike of sweets when I leave the restaurant because I eat too much sweets.



The new tower is building now at Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo. The tower is a radio tower that will become the most of high tower in the world because it will become to 634.0m when it finish. I live in Taito-ku, Tokyo where is near the Sumida-ku. I can see this tower at a roof of my house. But I took notice of that I can see it is recently because I couldn't see that when it was still small. I can see that at any time, I look forward to finish this.



Lipton that is company of tea, often put a gift with a product. The gift is always a miniature of sweets that was collaborated with some bland of sweets. For example, PIERRE MARCOLINI collaborated with Lipton and the gift got a popular. Yesterday, a new gift was announced. It was imitated to fruits. I like the series but I don't want to buy recently. Do you think the new gift can get popular?